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Dear Madam/Sir,

We are pleased to inform you that the draft standard D CAN/BNQ 0017-088-6 (ISO 17088, MOD Plastics Organic recycling Specifications for compostable plastics has recently reached the stage of the Public Review. At this stage, interested parties are invited to comment the document with the view of gaining consensus within the stakeholders community.

We therefore encourage you to consult the Public Review section of our Web site [http://www.bnq.qc.ca/en/public-review.html] to download the draft document as well as the comments form.

Please return your comments to secretariat.normalisation@bnq.qc.ca before February 14, 2022. Please note that comments or proposals from participants must refer to a section of the document, include a technical justification and be presented in the table provided to be considered by the standards development committee.

The Proposed Update (PDF)
The Comment Form (PDF)

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